• downloadUpdate
    • This means if a update for CraftBukkit available it download automaticly else you have to download manual
  • broadcast
    • If a update for CraftBukkit available it broadcast it, which person it get can configured
  • broadCastPeriod
    • How often checks for update in millisecons min. 21600000 (6 Hours)
  • updateChannel
    • which update channel used for update (rb, beta or dev)
  • downloadFolder
    • which folder used for download
  • craftBukkitName
    • the name of your craftBukkit-Jar if you like that so you can always overwrite the old one
  • pluginLog
    • if you like to read every update-Message when it's done if false only a short message at the end
  • craftBukkitUpdateCheck
    • check for new craftBukkitUpdates else only plugins checks for update
  • downloadReadyFile
    • create a readyFile if download finished or a failed-File if not can be update, some other plugins based on CraftBukkitUpToDate need this
  • broadcastOnlyToOps
    • Broadcast the message that's there a new CraftBukkit-Version only to OP and Server-Log, else only the server-Log and people with permissions get it
  • automaticUpdatePlugins
    • checks on start for new plugins-Updates, else you have to start it manual via command
  • blacklist
    • plugins you didn't like to update, because they are your own plugins or depends to other plugins, and always in the same zip,... The plugins have to be ,; - Seperated and named like the jar
  • additionalPluginDirs
    • dirs with plugins you like to update. The dirs have to be ,; - Seperated and can be relative like additionalPlugins/ or absolute like /opt/craftbukkit/additionalPlugins/


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