CraftBook v3.8b2


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    Dec 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1
  • 1.7.4



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This build has been tested on 1.7.2, but should work earlier/later


  • Fixed Cooking Pot fish dupe bug.
  • Added wolves to HeadDrops. Also use more official head skins.
  • Fixed snow calculations sometimes causing errors.
  • Added the ability to turn off the Sentry Gun IC by powering it.
  • Fixed the Sentry Gun IC shooting arrows from inside solid blocks.
  • Fixed BetterPistons up/down sign support.
  • Fixed non-rideable carts despawning with empty decay.
  • Moved HiddenSwitch over to the new system.
  • Added jukebox pull support to pipes.
  • Fixed XPStorer error.
  • Fixed ChunkAnchors failing silently, when a fail may mean a much more severe problem with chunk loading.
  • Modified the way variables work.
  • Added usage information to variable commands.
  • Fixed CartMaxSpeed not allowing blank for reset.
  • Fixed Cart Speed Modifier Maximum being way too over powered by default.
  • Fixed MoreRails Vertical Rails not obeying max cart speeds.


  • Fixed RandomBit counting levers that didn't exist.
  • Fixed ChipState not being able to detect the existance of outputs.
  • Fixed messages not showing in colour.
  • Fixed many issues with the Random ICs.
  • Fixed ExitRemover still occuring on dead carts.
  • Fixed Teleport mechanic teleporting to any sign, not just teleporter signs. (Thanks ScoreUnder)
  • Updated compilation to 1.7.2, although CraftBook already supported 1.7.2.
  • Added an option to not trample snow that is in its lowest form.
  • Added Stained Glass support to pipes. Stained Glass will only transport to stained glass of the same colour (or non-stained glass).
  • Converted a majority of mechanics over to the new system.
  • Recoded Bridges and Doors. Both use the new system and share a lot of code.
  • Added the world name to /cb report -i (Thanks dddeeefff)
  • Added recipe permission text to the localizable messages list.
  • Fixed ProgrammableFireworkDisplay spawning fireworks in unloaded chunks.
  • Added support for item amounts to CartDeposit.
  • Fixed a BetterPhysics dupe.
  • Recoded pipes. Pipes now are event based and therefore are much more intergratable into external things. Other plugins can interact with pipes now.
  • Added pipe support to Bridges and Doors.
  • Added success message to Payment mechanic.
  • Added support for a dropper to be used instead of a piston in a pipe. This acts as a dropoff point that items will be shot from.
  • Added support for pipes to place into hoppers and jukeboxes.
  • Added glass pane to pipes to act as a junction block. Stained glass panes only conduct to their own colour.
  • Tweaked DaySensor.
  • Fixed fishes losing their type in Cooking Pots.

For earlier changes, check the file named CHANGELOG.txt in the zip file!