CraftBook v3.7b6


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    Jul 26, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.6.1



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This build has been tested on 1.6.2, but should work earlier/later

The configuration for the VEHICLES section needs to be regenerated. To do so, erase the entire vehicles section of the config and restart the server.


  • Allowed for Cauldrons to look for items above the Cauldron block. Meaning you can still use them even though items bounce.
  • Added ItemMeta support to Cauldrons.
  • Fixed a few dupe bugs.
  • Fixed a few event ignoring bugs.
  • Fixed CartDispenser not working when a cart runs over it.
  • Added commands to create CommandItems ingame. Supports everything the config can do.
  • Added a -p flag to the CommandItems give command. Allowing you to give to players.
  • Fixed HeadDrops CustomSkin/Rates being case sensitive.
  • Fixed ContainerStacker only working with chests.
  • Heavily optimized Planter IC.
  • Fixed PlayerSensor not obeying flags in a region.
  • Fix a HeadDrops error.
  • Fix an EntityCannon error when an invalid EntityType is entered.
  • Fixed PotionInducer not using the Beacon particles for potions.
  • Added a new system for IC search areas, that is not implemented fully yet.
  • Added WorldGuard region support to Teleporter IC's.


  • Added boat max speed modifier.
  • Added boat deceleration modifiers.
  • Added LandBoats mechanic.
  • Fixed a few NoCheatPlus compatability issues.
  • Fixed CartDeposit not allowing high data values.
  • Fixed a bug where playlists would not work with radius.
  • Small potential bug fixes.
  • Added an option to change gate search radius.
  • Added an option to change the rate at which Realistic Snow falls.
  • Added an option to require signs on chairs.
  • Fixed an error with chair health regen.
  • Added a Boat Exit Remover mechanic.
  • Tweak footprints.
  • Fixed RailPlacer taking too many rails.
  • Fixed Station not propelling carts on redstone power.
  • Recoded chairs. They now no longer require ProtocolLib and work on 1.6. We are aware of any possible issues and are working for a fix.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when indirect-redstone is not enabled.
  • Few tweaks to elevators.
  • Removed the require-sneak option for chairs. (This was necessary, sorry)
  • Fixed many bugs that could occur with event ignoring across multiple mechanics.
  • Added an ITEM_PICKUP event to CommandItems.
  • Tweaked Doors and Bridges to allow them to be made of 'replacable blocks'.
  • Fixed a Typographical Error in HiddenSwitches that caused keys not to function.
  • Fixed a Perlstone error.
  • Fixed HiddenSwitches saying it successfully toggled when it didn't.
  • Fixex a Coal related cooking pot dupe.
  • Tweaked CustomCrafting to be more future-proof with item-metadata.
  • Added melons and pumpkins to CombineHarvester.

3.7 Beta 4

  • Added an option to have much more realistic randoms with a very small cost of CPU usage.
  • Fixed bookcases failing to read a line.
  • Heavily optimized Bookcases.
  • Added 1.6 blocks to CookingPot and other item parsing systems.
  • Added debug flags for the startup process.
  • Fixed CommandItems spamming the console for each entry.
  • Fixed a few potential bugs.
  • Added ITEM_CONSUME event to CommandItems.
  • Fixed a few CommandItems bugs with inventory becoming out of sync.
  • Added ITEM_DROP event to CommandItems.
  • Added ITEM_BREAK event to CommandItems.
  • Added a sneaking requirement option to CommandItems. (Allows for not sneaking, sneaking and either)
  • Tweaked the Chairs sneaking option to also allow for 3 states, sneaking; not sneaking and either.
  • Added Data Value support to a few mechanics that didn't have data value support.
  • Added an option for chairs to allow players to sit whilst holding blocks.
  • Fixed chairs causing items that place blocks to cause the blocks to be placed.
  • Fixed some variable permission checks not occuring.
  • Tweaked block protection messages.
  • Fixed Per-Player Languages on 1.6.
  • Fix /cb reload errors if ICs are disabled.
  • Compiled with 1.6.2.
  • Fixed the CartSlowdown option.
  • Added an option for CartRemoveOnExit to give the items.
  • Fixed CartDeposit.
  • Added Horses to CreatureSpawner and AdvancedEntitySpawner.

3.7 Beta 3

  • Fix a few /area toggle x,y,z bugs. (Like it not toggling back/setting state)
  • Added an erase mode to Entity Trap (MC1204)
  • Fix a lot of HiddenSwitch bugs.
  • RIDEABLE entity type now includes horses.
  • Major recode of vehicles section. The configuration for this section needs to be regenerated. To do so, erase the entire vehicles section of the config and restart the server.
  • Fix a few gate bugs and optimized gates.
  • Force update a players inventory with CommandItems consumables.
  • Added an option to change the max height of a gates column.
  • Fix a few CommandItems bugs.
  • Tweaked the configuration defaults.
  • Fixed XPStorer losing a small portion of XP.
  • Added an option for HeadDrops to override natural head drops. (Incl. Wither Skeleton)
  • Added options to have variables work in the console, command blocks or in commands a player enters.
  • Added a NoCollide mechanic to minecarts.
  • Removed CustomCrafting spam on load up about each individual recipe.
  • Added a manned option for the Sentry Gun IC.
  • Fixed SentryGun targetting non-killable entities, like its own arrows.
  • Fixed SentryGun targetting entities through walls.
  • Added a CartMaxSpeed mechanic.
  • Added configuration for each dispenser recipe.
  • Added a lot more strings to the translatable messages list.

3.7 Beta 2

  • Fix some plugins that don't properly modify signs on place having their signs incorrectly adopted by CraftBook.
  • Added loop support to Melody IC.
  • Fix dead players respawning in chairs.
  • Added Attack Passive Mob AI Mechanic.
  • Added AMBIENT entity type.
  • Tweaked Critical Bow AI Mechanic to be less over powered.
  • Added a configuration generator utility to the code, to allow for the configuration to be easily regenerated without bukkit.
  • Added an option to CommandItems to allow items to consume themselves.
  • Added an option to CartDispenser to make it spawn carts a block infront of where it usually does.
  • Added an option to CartDispenser to check for existing carts before spawning a new one.
  • Fixed Crush piston requiring movement blacklist.
  • Added Variables support to BetterPistons.
  • Few tweaks to CustomCrafting.
  • Updated PluginMetrics. (Should lower bandwidth apparently)
  • Added an $IGNORE node to item checks. Allows for CustomCrafting, CommandItems etc item checks to ignore display names and lores, if they are set to $IGNORE.
  • Fixed an EntityTrap error that occurs with an invalid Entity Type.
  • Tweaked ammeter.
  • Heavily optimized Bookshelves mechanic.
  • Fixed Chairs for 1.6 allowing higher max health than 20.
  • Tweaked a few configuration options default values.
  • Added a permission node for refueling a cooking pot.
  • Updated the inbuilt config.yml
  • Added an option to allow bookshelves to be read whilst holding a block.
  • Updated to 1.6.1
  • Tweaked /cb report.
  • Moved Language support to YAML files instead of text files.

3.7 Beta 1

  • Few optimizations for various sections of CraftBook.
  • Added an option to completely disable variables.
  • Added namespaces to variables.
  • Reworked the variable permissions.
  • Added @b to CommandItems to get the block type clicked.
  • Added @e to CommandItems to get the entity type clicked.
  • Fix multiple CommandItems definitions using the same item not working.
  • Fix many potential bugs on non-english systems.
  • Fix Item Syntax not saving item-specific metadata.
  • Fixed HeadDrops Bat heads.
  • Added conversion features to HeadDrops, so that if a head skin goes wrong.. Breaking it and replacing it should fix it.
  • Added configuration options to add custom Head Drop mobs, and set drop rate per entity.
  • Added Variable support to Payment mechanic.
  • Added an option to toggle between global as default variable namespace and individual-player namespaces.
  • Change CraftBooks behaviour when ProtocolLib fails. CraftBook will now just display a message and continue.
  • Added a BetterPistons movement blacklist, for SuperPush and SuperSticky.
  • Made Crush and Bounces blacklists default to containing Bedrock and Obsidian.
  • Fix HeadDrops spawning metric tonnes of heads.
  • Fix a few mechanics causing immense lag on block break in specific circumstances with specific settings entered.

Bukkit builds after #2812 break chairs.