CraftBook v3.7b1


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    Jun 26, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0



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This build has been tested on 1.5.2, but should work earlier/later

3.7 Beta 1

  • Few optimizations for various sections of CraftBook.
  • Added an option to completely disable variables.
  • Added namespaces to variables.
  • Reworked the variable permissions.
  • Added @b to CommandItems to get the block type clicked.
  • Added @e to CommandItems to get the entity type clicked.
  • Fix multiple CommandItems definitions using the same item not working.
  • Fix many potential bugs on non-english systems.
  • Fix Item Syntax not saving item-specific metadata.
  • Fixed HeadDrops Bat heads.
  • Added conversion features to HeadDrops, so that if a head skin goes wrong.. Breaking it and replacing it should fix it.
  • Added configuration options to add custom Head Drop mobs, and set drop rate per entity.
  • Added Variable support to Payment mechanic.
  • Added an option to toggle between global as default variable namespace and individual-player namespaces.
  • Change CraftBooks behaviour when ProtocolLib fails. CraftBook will now just display a message and continue.
  • Added a BetterPistons movement blacklist, for SuperPush and SuperSticky.
  • Made Crush and Bounces blacklists default to containing Bedrock and Obsidian.
  • Fix HeadDrops spawning metric tonnes of heads.
  • Fix a few mechanics causing immense lag on block break in specific circumstances with specific settings entered.