CraftBook v3.6.6


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    May 30, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1



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This build has been tested on 1.5.2, but should work earlier/later


  • Added a slow mode to elevators, to smoothly move the player to the destination. (xTwisteDx from insired me to do it)
  • Fix a few replacable block issues.
  • Added support for CustomCrafting to require a recipe to have ingredients with certain names, enchants or lore.
  • Added /recp remove to remove recipes ingame (Still craftable until restart due to bukkit limitations)
  • Fix ItemDispenser not dropping more than the max stack size.
  • Tweaked JingleNote Volume support. (Sounds Nicer)
  • Added SentryGun IC
  • Added Lore, Name and Enchant support to Custom Drops.
  • Fix Marquee on 1.5.2
  • Added 'advanced data' support to furnace recipes. (Not Perm Node or Extra Results due to bukkit/mc limitations)
  • Fix CustomCrafting truncating ingame recipes.
  • Allowed & to be used as a colour character in many circumstances, instead of section sign.
  • Added Wolves to AnimalBreeder.
  • Added an option to disable persistent data IC's saving data.
  • Small tweaks to vehicles
  • Added an option to disallow animals to get into minecarts.
  • Tweaked Delayer to allow it to not cancel on low.
  • Few chunk tweaks.
  • Fixed CraftBook interfering with Block Logging plugins.
  • Added pedantic block checks mode, which adds extra block checks if compatability options occur.
  • Added Villager, Sheep and Cow heads to HeadDrops. (Thanks to people on IRC)
  • Fixed Variables not working on CommandSigns.
  • Fix a major dupe bug.
  • Made IC's set sign title if it is wrong.