CraftBook v3.6.4


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    May 14, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1



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This build has been tested on 1.5.2, but should work earlier/later


  • Added footprint mechanic. (Adds footprints when you walk)
  • Fix CombineHarvester offset.
  • Made Melody IC require restricted perms to broadcast globally.
  • Few improvements to IC Caching systems.
  • Few improvements to Chunk Anchor.
  • Add support for names, lore, enchants in most places items are parsed from strings.
  • Add enchantment support to CustomCrafting.
  • Added Variables to CraftBook. (Vid tut:
  • Fix a pipe error with null items.
  • Fix some issues with CustomCrafting in certain circumstances.
  • Minor optimizations to ContainerCollector.
  • Fix a ParticleEffect IC Error.
  • Stop AnimalBreeder crazily breeding hundreds of mobs instantly.
  • Added MC1214, Ranged Collector. (Like MC1209, but is ranged)
  • Added PermissionNode sensing support to MC1272
  • Tweak a few IC Docs.
  • Replaced the 2 Managers with 1 Manager. Should make CraftBook more optimized and generally more stable/faster.
  • Fix a few bugs with item comparing, and shaped Auto Crafter crafting.
  • Added a flag to /cb report to print the location and text of all IC's. (/cb report -i)