CraftBook v3.6.2


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    Apr 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2
  • 1.5.1



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This build has been tested on 1.5.1, but should work earlier/later


  • Fixed experimental right click support.
  • Optimized advanced data support in CustomCrafting.
  • Made 'T' EntityType explosive, not just TNT Carts.
  • Added 'R' EntityType for Rideable entities.
  • Fix Payment mechanic.
  • Improve Vehicle collision code. (Fixes a few boat/cart bugs)
  • Fix pipe inclusions/exlusions filters.
  • Fix pipes finding weird signs in weird places and using them.
  • Made pipes take priority for pistons, so that a pipe with pistons extending off of it will take priority.
  • Fix CraftBook triggering Cheat Protections for Incorrect Direction of right clicks.
  • Add delay option to FlameThrower IC.
  • Added amount filters to EntitySensor IC.
  • Fix AnimalBreeder.
  • Enhanced ChestStocker so it defaults to the block above the back block, not the back block.
  • Minor optimization to ContainerSensor.
  • Fix a few peculiarities with max stack sizes of less than 64.
  • Few tweaks to Driller IC.
  • Fix a few data detecting bugs with IC's and Pipes.
  • Added a configuration option to driller to allow or disallow it to break non-natural blocks.
  • Few balance tweaks to Cooking Pot.
  • Heavily optimize pipes.
  • Added pipe support to driller.
  • Added lore support to Custom Crafting.
  • Enhanced the checks to see if an entity is standing in a block.
  • Added support for entity spawner IC's to set a mobs name.
  • Added WIP WorldEdit support to IC creation. If you select a region with WorldEdit, and put [off] on an IC sign, it should use the region centre as an offset.
  • Convert PLC folder to a new folder format. (Will be used for future stuff)
  • Fix BetterPistons using signs out of reach that it shouldn't use.
  • Fix BlockReplacer replacing incorrect blocks.
  • Tweaked location calculations to always agree with block location config value.
  • Added option to tweak minecart fall speed modifiers. Allows for minecart jumps and flying carts.
  • Fix a rare memory leak that if a component(mech/circuits/vehicles) is disabled, and /cb reload is used that it stays loaded.