CraftBook v3.6b4


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    Mar 28, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1



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This build works on 1.5.1 and earlier/later

3.6 Beta 4

  • Performance enhancements.
  • Bug fixes in Cooking Pot.
  • Added option to make cooking pots destroy buckets.
  • Bug fixes for ChestStocker IC.
  • Workaround for bukkit lever update issue.
  • Made SignCopier work with ST IC's.
  • Fix ParticleEffect offset being way off.
  • Fixed SignCopier allowing the sign to be broken.
  • Forced Redstone Netherrack to update the fire on the client. (Fixes a 1.5 bug)
  • Cleanup for ContainerCollector (It is now more stable)
  • Added [Pipe] signs to do filters for pipes. (With permission)
  • Added support for cart teleporters to teleport non-ridable carts.
  • Added a converter for IC's in the creation section, so people can create old IC's and have them be converted.
  • Added option to force pipes to have signs.
  • Fix /cb reload bugs.

3.6 Beta 3

  • Fix a bug where MC1510 would allow players without restricted perms to use BROADCAST.
  • Added NetherRack -> NetherBrick support to Cooking Pot.
  • Upgraded to 1.5.1
  • Changed the offset of many IC's so they work the same way.
  • Sound Effect IC will now allow sounds with a greater length than the sign.
  • Temporary possible workaround for the vehicle crash in bukkit.
  • Added an option for Crush piston to kill entities.
  • Added a sign copying mechanic using Ink Sacs.
  • Possible subtle performance improvements.

3.6 Beta 2

  • Fix AutoCrafter and Custom Crafting bugs.
  • Added support for multiple ID's on Minecart Collect/Deposit signs.
  • Made CartDispenser not require a chest if 'inf' is set.
  • Upgraded to 1.5. Added all 1.5 blocks to neccesary places eg Rails.
  • Minor changes to how CraftBook displays corrupt signs/skulls/etc.
  • Made WeatherFaker use the new bukkit API. It now works on any mc version from now on.
  • Fix a few advanced-block-checks and made it more performance friendly.
  • Added enforce-gate-type option to make sure people can't change the contents of a gates type.
  • Added new blocks to the redstone handling code. Also tweaked levers/buttons so they can trigger mechanics on the opposite side of the block they're attached to.
  • Fixed a few bugs where IC's which should always be ST were not ST.

3.6 Beta 1

  • Remade the ST IC system.
  • ST IC's now use the same ID as their triggered equivalent, but have an S after the [mcxxxx], hence it is [mcxxxx]S.
  • In turn, this makes the plugin smaller in size and easier to manage.
  • Many BetterPistons bug fixes.
  • CreatureSpawner spawns skeletons with bows.
  • Fix doors and bridges saying it was toggled successfully when it wasn't.
  • Added a /circuits alias of /ic
  • Fix disabled-ics.