CraftBook v3.5.5


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    Feb 21, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



Need help? Get on IRC (#sk89q on Heck, just come and hang with us!

This build works on 1.4.7 and earlier (And 98% of it will work later)


  • Added offset support to Timed Explosion IC.
  • Fix magical data transformation of IC's.
  • Fix few cooking pot bugs.
  • Re-balanced cooking pots.
  • Stopped custom drops working in creative.
  • Added 'custom results' support to custom crafting.
  • Added a User Agent to the auto updater, because google chrome is awesome.
  • Fix cooking pot not giving back buckets.
  • Disabled WG Flag Checks by default.
  • Fixed WG Flag Checks without WG installed.
  • Added 'Optional' Grey Text to IC DOCS.

3.5.5 Beta 1

  • Fix Combine Harvester sometimes not returning drops.
  • Added IC Keep Loaded option. Keeps chunks with ST IC's in them loaded.
  • Fix WorldGuard flag protection.
  • Allowed WorldEdit to be in the lib directory, instead of the plugin directory.
  • Fixed Tune IC Error.
  • Made Crush better piston mech work with Sticky Pistons.
  • Fixed bug with invert on Item Sorter.
  • Made ProgrammableFireworkDisplay check if the chunk is loaded.
  • Improved Custom Crafting recipe examples.
  • Fixed CraftBook overriding other plugins recipes.
  • Fix Set-Door/Set-Bridge not working with only x and y offsets.
  • Fixed container stacker not working with 2 stacks that'd add up to over 64.
  • Add permission nodes to Custom Crafting.
  • Made Cannon/Fan Dispenser Recipes more normal.
  • Added support for CreatureSpawner/AES to spawn Wither Skeletons.