CraftBook v3.5.3


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    Feb 2, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



Need help? Get on IRC (#sk89q on Heck, just come and hang with us!

This build works on 1.4.7 and earlier (And 98% of it will work later)


  • Fix ContainerDispenser ignoring amount written on sign.
  • Fix an error with Painting Switcher and the Auto Updater.
  • Added SuperPush piston mechanic. It can push air.
  • Fix an error in Playlists sometimes stopping players from being removed.
  • Fixed some MIDIs sounding different with Radio IC's.
  • Fix item dissapearing bug with BetterPistons.
  • Fixed 5 Output IC's.
  • Added missing language nodes for BetterPistons.
  • Made /cb about give release versions name (If using one).
  • Added /cb report command to allow us to solve peoples issues quicker. (Reports config and other info)
  • BetterPiston mechanics allow multiple mechanics on a single piston.
  • Added an AIR option to last line of SuperSticky, allowing it to pull air.
  • Fixed Repeaters not working 100% with BetterPistons.
  • Fixed Repeaters not working 100% with IC's. (Thanks to Silthus)