CraftBook v3.5.1


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    Jan 20, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1



Need help? Get on IRC (#sk89q on Heck, just come and hang with us!

This build works on 1.4.7 and earlier (And 98% of it will work later)


  • Fixed a few vehicle bugs.
  • Renamed Radio IC to JukeBox IC.
  • Added a goto line in Playlists.
  • Added Radio Station & Radio Player IC.
  • Made error reporting nicer.
  • Fixed a few IC verifiction bugs.
  • Added an option to change IC max radius.
  • Added a demultiplexer.
  • Fixed painting switch sometimes working out of range.
  • Fix possible betterphysics dupe bug.
  • Allowed last line of cart dispenser to be collect or dispense, making it only do 1 of the actions.
  • Added Container Stacker IC. Stacks contents of above container.
  • Fixed a cart massacre bug.
  • Fix Plugin Metrics.
  • Fixed the /cb reload command.
  • Added an update notifier/auto updater. (Configurable)
  • Fixed all recipes with auto crafter.
  • Add an option to change ST IC ticks. (Unrecommended, as it is perfect to redstone atm).
  • Optimizations to BetterPhysics.
  • Made the entity spawning IC's check if the entity is valid to spawn.
  • Made the fire barrage IC shoot more normally.
  • Made last line of the chest dispenser IC allow you to make it spawn only the item you want it to drop.
  • Added XPSpawner IC.
  • Made Enhanced Zombie AI not have a set range, but have better chances of not being detected the further away you are.