CraftBook v3.4.1


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    Dec 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.1



Need help? Get on IRC (#sk89q on Heck, just come and hang with us!

This build works on 1.4.6 and earlier (And 98% of it will work later)


  • Added a permission to restock mechanics.
  • Optimization to tonnes of IC's.
  • Cultivator will only till soil with air above them.
  • Fix issue with corrupted vehicles configuration.
  • Fix container dispenser error.
  • Fix sorter vehicle mech for 1.4.5+
  • Added the ability to disable certain IC's.
  • Added verification to a few IC's.
  • Last line of player sensor can now be blank.
  • Fixed a few million IC's not accepting sign parameters and using default instead.
  • Added new instruments and optimizations to MIDI Player IC.
  • Added a command to list midi files on the server. (/listmidis)
  • Fix wireless IC bugs.
  • Fix P-Door/Bridge.
  • Fix / 0 error.
  • Fixed circuit and mech reload commands causing errors.
  • Updated to latest PluginMetrics.
  • Fix BlockSensor.
  • Fix Elevator/Teleporter button support.
  • Melody IC won't stop playing when a player logs out.
  • Optimized the whole of CraftBook.
  • MIDI IC will keep playing a song for you if you reconnect. But new players joining won't hear it.