CraftBook 3.4


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    Dec 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R1.0



Need help? Get on IRC (#sk89q on Heck, just come and hang with us!

This build works on Bukkit 1.4.5 r0.3 and earlier


  • Realistic snow mechanic now works much smoother and more realistically.
  • PLC's are now version independant. But will only work as of 1.4.5+.
  • Realistic snow freezes water underneath snow for a more realistic effect.
  • Added default parameters to, Fire Barrage; Fire Shooter and Flame Thrower IC's.
  • Added pipe support to Block Breaker and Combine Harvester.
  • Fixed error with chairs.
  • Allow the entity cannon to throw more than a single mob at a time.
  • Enhanced LanguageManager.
  • Player Detector replaced with Player Sensor.
  • Melody IC now checks if the file exists before playing.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where pipes wouldn't work with diagonal setting turned off.


  • Fixed backwards compatability.
  • Added a welcome message to teleporter IC's on the last line of the reciever.
  • Teleporters now put you on top of the teleport block.
  • Fixed NPE in Snow.
  • Chairs now require ProtocolLib to function.
  • Fixed reload commands.
  • Fixed Block Launcher.
  • Fixed Entity Trap.
  • Snow now works better.
  • Fix a chair error involving health.
  • Auto Crafter enhancements.
  • Fix Cultivator IC.
  • Fix combine harvester IC.
  • Fixed ROM IC's


  • Added Pipes!
  • - Intergrate with IC's.
  • - Currently only auto crafter and sorter.
  • - Transfer items.
  • - Easy to use
  • - Compact
  • Added support for 1.4.5 new Cardinal Point system.
  • Fix Cultivator IC.
  • Added cocoa, sapling dead shrubs, lilly pads, vines, and giant mushroom support to Bonemeal Terraformer.
  • Fixed Day Sensor
  • Planter now works and uses a radius, instead of single block.
  • Add offset to liquid flooder.
  • Added data values to vehicle blocks.
  • Fix XPStorer.
  • Creature Spawner can set above Mob Spawners.
  • Fixed pig bugs with MC1200.
  • Add Irrigator IC's.
  • Fix ContainerDispenser dupe bug.
  • Fixed wierd snow placement.
  • Realism enhancements for realistic snow.
  • Added region support to PlayerDetector
  • Enhanced CartMessager.
  • Added 'stay' and 'despawn' flags to Advanced Entity Spawner to set if a mob can despawn.
  • Re-added chairs properly. They have been recoded to be awesome. (Require 1.4.5r0.3+)
  • Added chest support to planter IC.
  • Fix ItemDispenser
  • Added health regen to chairs.
  • Added ST Potion Inducer, and allowed it to work on mobs.
  • Optimized a few IC's and added more IC Docs.
  • Entity Trap IC can now hit more than 1 entity at a time.
  • Advanced Entity Spawner uses new API's. Armour setting only works 1.4.5r0.3+
  • Block Sensor Output fixed.
  • Added Combine Harvester IC's.
  • Added ST Container Dispenser IC.
  • Added Chest Stocker IC.
  • Optimized Vehicles.
  • Fixed CartTeleporter over long distances.
  • Added support for signs on the side of vehicle blocks.
  • Renamed Lift Up and Lift Down for vehicles to CartLift Up and CartLift Down.
  • Major changes to vehicle mechanics. They have proper perms and create messages.
  • Fixed Auto Crafter making the wrong items.
  • Add ST block setters.
  • Fix cooking pot deleting items.
  • Added button support to [Teleporter] signs.
  • Add Teleporter IC's
  • Fix elevator error on 1.4.5

Weather Faker won't work pre 1.4.5r0.3, neither will armour on Advanced Entity Spawner or PLC's.