CraftBay comes prepared to run out of the box, assuming that the permissions have been set up (see below). However, there are a couple of options for a more individual setup. An example configuration file might look like this:

# The initial duration of any auction
auctiontime: 600
# How much can people shorten their auctions (prevents exploits)
minauctiontime: 60
# The delay after which an auction reminder is broadcast
reminderinterval: 120
# The minimum delay between two messages
spamprotection: 3
# The minimal amount a player has to raise for
minincrement: 5
# The maximal amount of stored future auctions
maxqueue: 1
# The maximal amount of stored past auctions
maxhistory: 10
# The language file to use
lang: en_US
# The starting bid of any auction
startingbid: 10
# A flat fee for starting an auction
auctionfee: 0
# The percentage of the additional starting price an auctioneer has to pay
auctiontax: 0
# The time a player has to wait between starting two auctions
auctioneercooldown: 30
# Prevent players from starting auctions while in creative mode
denycreative: true
# The final seconds at which the countdown is broadcast in chat
countdown: [10, 5, 3, 2, 1]
# A list of worlds where CraftBay cannot be used
blacklistworlds: [ creative, pvp ]
# Herochat configuration
        enable: false
        channel: Trade
        password: ''
# ChannelChat configuration
        enable: false
        channel: Trade
# Colors
        default: dark_aqua
        header: yellow
        highlight: aqua
        shadow: dark_gray
        shortcut: white
        admin: dark_red
        adminhigh: red
        error: dark_red
        warn: red
        warnhigh: dark_red


The defaults are set up so anyone can query auction information and place bids. Permission to start auctions, however, is not granted by default. Administrative actions default to op.

  • Query information about the current auction
  • Place bids for auctions. Implies auction.receive.
  • auction.start Start your own auction
  • auction.admin Perform administrative commands.
  • auction.receive Receive items you won (since v1.2.1)


The language can be chosen in the config.yml (see above) and loaded at run-time via /auc reload. Creating your custom language files requires the following steps.

  • Have Bukkit started at least once with CraftBay activated. The default language files will have been copied to plugins/CraftBay/lang.
  • Locate the language files you want to work off of, propably en_US.yml.
  • Create a copy with the .yml suffix. Do not name it like any of the existing ones; your changes would not persist a restart.
  • Edit your copy. I attempt to comment the default files well, but some details are propably best learned from the given examples.
  • Put the name of your file in the lang option in the config.yml. If your file is called test.yml, you have to set set lang: test.
  • Either (re)start the server or type /auc reload.

If your language file is faulty, an elaborate error message will appear on the console output. Make sure to read the yaml documentation carefully, should you run into problems.

To give you an impression, here is a small cutout of the en_US.yml:

    QueueFull: '<warn>Wait until other auctions have ended!'
    NotEnoughItems: '<warn>You do not have enough <warnhi>{itemdesc}<warn>!'
    FeeTooHigh: '<warn>You cannot afford the fee of <warnhi>{fee}<warnhi>!'
    FeeDebited: '<dfl>Your account has been debited <hl>{fee}<dfl>.'
    OwnerCooldown: '<warn>You have to wait <warnhi>{cooldown}<warn>!'

As you can see, there are formatting directives and variables. They are documented in the file.


CraftBay requires Vault for economy support.


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