Craft Chainmail Armour, Horse Armour, Saddles, Name Tags and more with this simple, lightweight plugin!

This plugin intends to create a better experience for players, as they can craft the items which are generally only found in randomly generated chests; which on larger servers, means heading out thousands of blocks away just to find un-explored land.

For example, a server which has hundreds of players in a survival world is guaranteed to have at least a few players which travel beyond other players' explored land just to find dungeons and temples. This means that it is very rare for you to find saddles, horse armour and name tags. Hence why I decided to code a plugin which allows you to craft them!

But I'm not restricting you to just armour, you can craft ores, foods and items not usually gainable in survival!

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Craftable Items

  • All Horse Armours
  • All Chain Armour Pieces
  • All Raw Ore Blocks (including quartz)
  • Apples
  • Portal Blocks (nether)
  • Experience Bottles (giving a use to emeralds)
  • Saddles
  • Name Tags
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Stone Tools, using smooth stone
  • Stained Glass Panes, without having to dye the glass block beforehand
  • Glass Bottle, using glass panes

Dont forget! Updates with more recipes are released very often!

Feel free to comment your suggestions!


Note, Requires EpicCraftCommands file!

/ecAll - Shows all the recipes

/ecArmour - Shows all armour recipes

/ecMisc - Shows all miscellaneous recipes

/ecOres - Shows all ore recipes

/ecSpawnEggs - Shows all spawn egg recipes

/ecStainedGlass - Shows all stained glass recipes

/ecStoneTools - Shows all stone tools recipes

Currently Working On

  • Configurable Inputs
  • Commands (Coming Soon!)

Lines of Code: 520

Recipes: 68


(Note: There are multiple pages of the recipe images)



Email me at: [email protected]

Note: All versions are tested before being released


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