CrackShot v0.91


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    May 22, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2


Version 0.91

New additions

  • You can now dual wield (akimbo) weapons.
  • Added the 15th default weapon: Desert Eagle
  • Added the Take_Ammo_As_Magazine node, which causes "magazines" or "clips" to be taken upon each reload.
  • Developers can now hook into CrackShot to give weapons directly to players using the giveWeapon() function.
  • Updated the complete guide to CrackShot accordingly.


  • The Ammo and SignShops modules now support items with secondary data values.
  • The launching of projectiles no longer violates the Speed checks of anti-cheat plugins.

New nodes

  • "Dual_Wield" was added to the Shooting module.
  • "Take_Ammo_As_Magazine" was added to the Reloading module.
  • "Single_Reload_Duration" was added to the Reloading module.
  • "Sounds_Single_Reload" was added to the Reloading module.
  • "Sounds_Shoot_With_No_Ammo" was added to the Reloading module.


  • Most default weapons have been fine-tuned. You are recommended to regenerate any old default weapons and use the new ones instead.

Version 0.90

This version marks the conclusion of the first collection of incremental updates (Explosives) and the commencement of the second (Mechanics).

New additions

  • Added two new projectile types: witherskull and fireball.
  • Added the 14th default weapon: Bazooka
  • Added the Knockback node to the Explosions module. This feature can have some interesting uses - implosions can be used to kill enemies by pulling them into the air and letting them die from the fall damage, and so forth.
  • Added the Shrapnel module.
  • Pressure-plates that are stepped on within 4 blocks from a booby trap mounted on an item frame will now generate an explosion.
  • Added the Remote_Place_Anywhere node to the Explosive_Devices module, which allows remote-detonated explosives to be placed anywhere, bypassing all region-protection plugins.
  • Added the Sneak_Before_Shooting node to the Sneak module.
  • Added a multiworld-management system to the new configuration file: general.yml.
  • Added the Message_Shooter, Message_Victim and Sounds_Shooter nodes to the Explosions module.


  • Players with no permission to use a certain weapon will no longer be able to convert it.
  • CrackShot will now accept values of zero for the Damage_Multiplier node in the Explosions module. You can never truly deal zero damage without using the Explosion_No_Damage node, though.
  • Fixed a minor error that occurred when a remote-detonated explosive is broken by another player while the owner of the device is offline.
  • The reload tag (superscript 'R') will no longer be shown in Minecraft's death messages.
  • Multiple particle-effects are now accepted.
  • Impact-explosions have been made a little more precise.
  • (Version 2) Corrected a permissions-related bug introduced in the first variant of version 0.90 that resulted in the premature termination of an item-verification operation.
  • (Version 2/3) Minor optimizations.
  • (Version 3) Eggs fired from CrackShot weapons will no longer hatch chickens.
  • (Version 3) All bullet-spread nodes now support decimal values (i.e 2.345).


  • Loading weapons using the config.yml file located outside the weapons folder is no longer possible. This was the old method of loading weapons and has been completely phased out.
  • The default weapon Trinket has been slightly modified to account for the new item frame feature.
  • (Version 3) Several default weapons have been fine-tuned.
  • (Version 3) The bullet-velocity of all default weapons have been lowered to account for Minecraft's visual bug.