This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

4CR-Particles was created to easily setup particles on your server. 
Creating particles was never that easy, with using worldedit.
  1. Download 4CR-Particles.jar
  2. Put the .jar file inside your plugins folder
  3. Download Worldedit and place that into your plugins folder as well.
  4. Restart your server
  5. Configure the config.yml to your needs
  6. Restart again and have fun!


  • /particles help: Will show all possible commands
  • /particles effects: Will show you all possible effects that can be used with this plugin
  • /particles list: Will show all your particles walls
  • /particles create <effect>: Will create a particle wall with the selected region (Use WorldEdit for this)
  • /particles remove <id>: Removes the particle wall connected to the given ID
  • /particles list <pagenumber>: Shows a specific page from the list
  • /particles clear: Clears all particle walls
  • /particles reload: Reloads all particle walls

Note: When you add permissions for a group to use this plugin without OP, you need to add permissions for worldedit to, otherwise you can't select a region with worldedit. Or you can use this plugin with OP.



#Enables or disables the auto checkup for Updates
Updatechecker: true
#All permissions
#permission for /particles create <effect>
  create: "particles.create"
#permission for /particles remove <id>
  remove: "particles.remove"
#permission for /particles list
  list: "particles.list"
#permission for /particles change <id> <effect>
  change: "particles.change"
#permission for /particles clear
  clear: "particles.clear"
#permission for /particles reload
  reload: "particles.reload"
#All your particle walls will be shown here!



  • Use /particles effects and find the supported particles you want.​
  • When you found the particle you want use //wand.​
  • Select with the wooden axe the location (region) for the particles.​
  • After that you need to create the particles using /particles create <effect>​
  • You are done :)

You can remove the created particles with using /particles remove (id). The id you can find with /particles list.


4CR-Particles is a plugin that needs Worldedit to work ! With Worldedit you can select a region and set particles on that region using 4CR-Particles. If you are not using Worldedit this plugin will not work how we made!

This plugin supports only spigot/bukkit 1.9 - 1.12.2.
-> Read the guide above
Have you errors or other problems?
-> Send a ticket to: [email protected] or make a ticket
  • Updated tutorial

Make sure to suggest things in the discussion part of this plugin or by sending it to [email protected] 


 4CR-Particles spigot page is available: here
Created with our experience @4Creation


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