CPU or Chest Processing Unit adds functionality to redstone. You can create different types of gates by putting different items in different slots! All gates in this plugin are all currently instant. This plugin should be great for redstone fans who want to have a compact yet fun way to design redstone circuits! :)

Comments/criticism welcomed!

How to use

Making a CPU
This page teaches you how to use this plugin! So read it carefully!

CPU Inventory Recipes
This page includes all the item placements you need to know to make a CPU!

Video demo: Bukkit Plugin CPU Demo

Command and Permissions

List of commands and permissions


This plugin can notify you about updates, if you don't want it disable by setting notify-updates in the config to false.
Plugin Configuration


  1. Gates:
    • OR
    • AND
    • NOR
    • NAND
    • XOR
    • XNOR
  2. Utility:
    • Block Breaker
    • Block Placer
    • Teleporter
    • Clocks
    • Pulse Extender
    • Pulse Limiter
    • Wireless
    • ItemSorter

Will probably implement:

  • Adders/Subtractors
  • Redstone Signal Base Crafting and Smelting

NOTE: This plugin was compiled on Java 7, it will not work on servers using Java 6 or below! Please update to Java 7 if you want to use this plugin, sorry for the inconvenience ^_^

Another Note: This plugin uses metrics, once again to disable this check the config! (Metrics has it's oen config :). )

Now open source! https://github.com/waicool20/CPU

Goto my new project instead right here: http://forums.spongepowered.org/t/sip-sponge-industrialization-project/

If you find bugs or need help please send an email to waicool20@gmail.com with either "Bug" or "Help" as the first word in the title, or you can just post a comment below :p btw this is my first plugin, have fun!


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