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  • _ForgeUser8499626 created this issue Jan 30, 2013

    Hey, I really like this plugin, and i got awesome idea for the "/postman".
    with minecraft updates, came two cool features, one of them allow you to get a player head with his skin, the other allow zombies to pick up things and wear it\pick up it, its can be cool to replace the enderman postman with a zombie wearing a player head that looks like a postman and leather armor (then you can't see its zombie) and let him pick on his hand the letter, then the same thing with the enderman, right click=take it from his hand and he despawn after a few seconds,or left click=he drop the letter and despawn.

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  • _ForgeUser8106975 posted a comment Jan 31, 2013

    This will be investigated once Parcels has been implemented for v1.2.0. If viable it's likely to be added.

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