Courier v1.1.0


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    Jan 31, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3



  • All Minecraft Creatures can now become Postmen, selectable in config. Only Enderman and Villager are officially supported though (ticket #13)
  • New config setting to turn off the displaying of date in Letters (ticket #35)
  • All user visible strings moved out into config.yml for translation purposes
    • Incomplete French and complete Swedish translations added (I'm having issues understanding what character sets work though)
  • Courier will every 5 hours (configurable, 0 turns it off) check against to see if there's a new version of Courier and if so display a message in the log
    • No auto-download is done and no information whatsoever is sent to me! It only checks towards the RSS-feed on BukkitDev


  • Exceptions thrown when trying to view Letters with some character sets (ticket #34)
    • Note: This will NOT suddenly allow Courier to render new character sets, sorry. It's a limitation in Bukkit. Instead Courier will simply skip content it cannot render.
  • In some circumstances upgrading to OpenJDK 7 would lose all messages (ticket #41)
    • If after upgrade Courier cannot start, downgrading to Java 6 is the only solution. This is due to the message database containing "special characters" that Yaml doesn't seem to support in OpenJDK 7
  • Removed some of the Courier command aliases again due to conflicts with other plugins (ticket #37)
  • Made non-Monster Postmen walking towards players configurable. (ticket #40)

Known caveats:

  • Enderman-Postmen teleport away if out in open areas
    • The APIs needed to solve this are expected to be available in Bukkit 1.1-R4
    • You can select Villagers as Postmen instead in the meantime