Courier v0.9.1


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    Dec 26, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1



  • "New players can't receive mail right away" (found by GICodeWarrior)
    • Player name searching is now done within online playerlist as well
  • "Letters don't render completely when picked up" (ticket #1)


  • "Announce postman arrival" (suggested by GICodeWarrior)
    • Two new configuration strings have been added for Postman greeting as well as information when mail is dropped to ground
  • %loc (and %pos) found by themselves inside a message will be replaced with current [X,Y,Z] location
  • Lazy name matching
    • Inbuilt Bukkit lazy name matching is used to suggest "Did you mean?" if no exact match is found
    • NOTE: If more than one match is found, a new permission - *courier.list* - is required to see the full list (default OP)

 Known Issues:
 - User does not know how long a message can be
 -- Additionally console does not accept as long messages as can be viewed with the map item
 - CRITICAL: Running out of MapIds!
 - MINOR: Database is only saved when storing new messages. File does not update just because people read mail.
 - INTERESTING: People who receive (but they still cannot read of course) other's mails are logged as such.
 -- Remove or do something useful with?
 - Postmen teleport away if out in open areas
 -- Please vote for :)
 - Postmen are spawned outside even if it's raining