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-Make a country with cities, states, laws, ans roads.
-Make your own constitution with the rules you want.

To make a country you must use /country create then tit will show a view of the whole world and you can set the perimeter of the country. To make a state you must be the creator of the particular country you want a state in. To make a state use /state create and it will show up with a map of that country and you will be able to mark the perimeter of that state. In order to make a city you must use /city create and you will be given a wooden shovel to mark the first and second positions of the city.


(op only)
/countries help - shows all commands for Countries
/country create [country name] - creates a country
/state create [state name] - creates a state inside a country
/city create [city name] - create a city in a state
/constitution create [country name] - opens a book and quill to write a countries constitution
/law create [law description] - creates a law for a country
/highway create [highway number] - creates a highway
/road create [road name] - creates a road

(all players)
/laws - list of laws in that particular country
/constitution - opens a finished book that shows the constitution
/home city [home name] - marks a city as one of your homes

There are currently no permission files for this plugin but they are planned for the future. Please comment if you have any suggested permissions or any other ideas for this plugin.

In the future it is planned to allow people to pay real money to make a city.


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