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What is CounterCraft?

CounterCraft aims to recreate the gameplay of Counterstrike: Source in Minecraft. Ideally it will retain the skill level needed to excel at Counterstrike, while at the same time having the unique charm which makes Minecraft such an awesome game. Like with Counterstrike: Source, we are planning for CounterCraft to be easily accessible to the more casual Minecraft community, while still rewarding players with godlike reaction times.

Although the first release of the plugin may be rather limited in how much of the actual content of Counterstrike it includes (i.e. maps/guns/gamemodes), the final release will feature all of the most popular maps from Counterstrike, as well as a Deathmatch gamemode and possibly a gungame, although this is still being discussed.


  • Spout
  • SpoutCraft

Planned Features:

  • Teams (Selectable skins)
  • Killfeed (Using CS:S fonts)
  • Leaderboard (End of each round)
  • Working Ammunition Counts
  • Custom Health and Armour
  • Cheat-Free (All files downloaded from server)
  • Gamemodes
    • Bomb Defusal
    • Hostage Rescue
    • Deathmatch (Slightly edited maps)
  • Instant bullets with critical hits
  • Multiple Maps (Fully Textured)
    • Bomb Defusal
      • Dust2
      • Nuke
      • Inferno
      • Tuscan
    • Hostage Rescue
      • Office
      • Italy
      • Assault
  • HD Weapons (The ones below are for the first release)
    • CV-47 (AK-47)
    • 9×19mm Sidearm (Glock)
    • Maverick M4A1 Carbine (M4A1)
    • KM .45 Tactical (USP)
    • Magnum Sniper Rifle (AWP)
    • Night Hawk .50c (Deagle)
    • KM Sub-Machine Gun (MP5)
    • Grenades
    • Knife
    • C4




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