What is CountdownCommand and what does it do?

CountdownCommand is a plugin I made and was requested by UnseenMC Network. It allows for a user with permissions to start a countdown. You can also have a command run after the time is up.
Please note that the commands are executed through the console and not a player!


Commands & Permissions

< > = required
[] = optional

countdowncommand.*Gives user access to all of CountdownCommand's commandsFalse
/countdown <seconds> [arg] [arg] [arg] [arg] [arg]countdowncommand.useAllows you to start countdownsOP
/countdown cancelcountdowncommand.cancelAllows you to cancel an active countdownFalse
/countdown reloadcountdowncommand.reloadAllows you to reload the CountdownCommand's config.yml and messages.ymlOP

How to Use

< > = required
[] = optional
You are only allowed up to 5 arguments.
Usage: /countdown <seconds> [arg] [arg [arg] [arg] [arg]
Example 1: /countdown 15 - This will just count from 15 to 1
Example 2: /countdown 30 set time night - This will count from 30 to 1 and will then set the time to night
Example 3: /countdown 10 give notch golden_apple 64 1 - This will count from 10 to 1 and then will give notch a stack of notch apples


Color Codes are supported, just use '&'

# The prefix that is displayed before every broadcast
prefix: '&2[UnseenMC]&f:'
# The message that broadcasts before the countdown begins
startMessage: '&fCountdown has begun!'
# The message that broadcasts after the countdown ends
endMessage: '&fTime is Up!'
# Color of the countdown Numbers, default: white
numColor: '&f'


Color Codes are supported, just use '&'

Message1: '&cInvalid Format!'
Message2: '&fHere are the countdown commands!'
Message3: '&b/countdown &c<seconds> &f[arg] [arg] [arg] [arg] [arg] &6- starts a countdown and runs command if specified'
Message4: '&b/countdown cancel &6- cancels and active countdown'
Message5: '&b/countdown reload &6- reloads the config.yml and messages.yml'
# If you wish to add more just do the following:
Message6: 'This will show up as after Message5'


1.0 - Initial Release
1.0.1 - Fixed an issued where the permissions were trying to get added again and would output warnings to console.
1.1 - Added more options to the config.yml and added help when user inputs only /command.
1.2 - Added a messages.yml to edit the Help that comes when you do /countdown (requested by UnseenMC Network) and added messages.yml to the /reload command.


- Suggestions if any.
- Fix bugs if any.


- None


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