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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.7


Added Features

  • Added a Snare ability, which surrounds the player with cobweb. The cobweb can be made indestructible in the ability configuration.
  • Added a 'Return to sender' immunity for ghasts.
  • Made the activation conditions for abilities configurable


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Vastly improved the speed and efficiency of the stats command. (Thanks bm01 for letting us use your solution)
  • The armour of a boss is now finally working. Up till now, the damage a boss' armour absorbed was not taken into account, so bosses with armour will now be significantly harder to kill.
  • Updated to use the latest mcMMO API. If an incompatible mcMMO version (everything prior to: 1.4.00-beta3-b1612) is enabled, the extra mcMMO exp will be disabled.


  • Changed the plugin name to Corruption
  • Improved the autoupdater, it should be (a bit) faster now.

To avoid errors with the setMaxHealth, you have to have at least CB 1.4.6-R0.3

  • Add support for Baby Zombies, (Baby) Villager Zombies and Wither Skeletons.
  • Use the setMaxHealth() method and update actual LivingEntity health
  • Add support for boss health regeneration
  • Automatic updater (using, use /lab update install to install the latest version, if necessary
  • Added option (in config.yml) to disable update checking on startup, you can still check for updates using /lab update check
  • Configure immunities per boss
  • Configure which MagicSpells spells affect bosses
  • Automatic config updater
  • Fixed occasional NullpointerException in bomb ability, the Bomb ability now tries to find a valid block close to the player. (thanks to bm01)
  • Multiple bosses of the same EntityType can now spawn in a world
  • Added per boss immunities
  • Added the option to use the boss stats as absolute values instead of multipliers
  • Added an ability assignation chance (thanks to bm01)
  • Added a radius for ability executing
  • Added possibility to grant extra mcMMO xp for hitting bosses
  • Added proper Wither support
  • Added teleport ability (thanks to bm01)
  • Added option to make PigZombie bosses angry
  • Added function to set absolute health for bosses
  • Added option to check the size of Slime/MagmaCube bosses
  • Removed deprecated API, as already advised in the last version, use the new one that is already present in v1.7.0.

To use the custom armour, you have to have at least CB 1.4.5-R1.0

  • Enable/disable MagicSpells spells on bosses
  • (Configurable) armour support for bosses including enchantments (screenshot)
  • Added LightningAura ability. A boss strikes everyone within a certain radius with lightning
  • Fixed ignore command


  • Added API


  • Added {BOSSNAME} option to messages in the config to get the bossname properly. (BossName#1 would be displayed as 'Boss Name' to a user)
  • Added 'Bomb' ability
  • Changed 'Slow' ability into a generic 'Potion' ability which can even target the boss itself
  • Added customisable message if a boss uses an ability (configurable for each ability)
  • Readded the max spawn level/height option
  • Added a cooldown for all abilities
  • Made the Lab Viewer message customisable
  • Made the message if a boss has a negative health customisable
  • Changed the probability option from the chance a mob gets an ability to the chance a boss successfully uses an ability. (Will be readded but probably with a different name)
  • Changed deprecated spawnCreature method to spawnEntity
  • Fixed Utility.isNear method (which checks if two locations are near each other) to support multiple worlds
  • Tiny slimes that split from a medium slime won't become a boss.

1.6.0 (By bm01):

  • Added abilities
  • Rewrote the boss managing system
  • Rewrote config processing

Armor Pierce doesn't work and gives errors.