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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.6



To use the custom armour, you have to have at least CB 1.4.5-R1.0

  • Enable/disable MagicSpells spells on bosses
  • (Configurable) armour support for bosses including enchantments (screenshot)
  • Added LightningAura ability. A boss strikes everyone within a certain radius with lightning
  • Fixed ignore command


  • Added API


  • Added {BOSSNAME} option to messages in the config to get the bossname properly. (BossName#1 would be displayed as 'Boss Name' to a user)
  • Added 'Bomb' ability
  • Changed 'Slow' ability into a generic 'Potion' ability which can even target the boss itself
  • Added customisable message if a boss uses an ability (configurable for each ability)
  • Readded the max spawn level/height option
  • Added a cooldown for all abilities
  • Made the Lab Viewer message customisable
  • Made the message if a boss has a negative health customisable
  • Changed the probability option from the chance a mob gets an ability to the chance a boss successfully uses an ability. (Will be readded but probably with a different name)
  • Changed deprecated spawnCreature method to spawnEntity
  • Fixed Utility.isNear method (which checks if two locations are near each other) to support multiple worlds
  • Tiny slimes that split from a medium slime won't become a boss.

1.6.0 (By bm01):

  • Added abilities
  • Rewrote the boss managing system
  • Rewrote config processing