Cores Minigame

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

I won't upload the plugin because I will use it for servers

Core is a minigame where you have to capture the two cores from the other team and defend the cores of your team. The plugin supports BungeeCord and MultiArena.

Plugin Installation:

1. Download the .jar file
2. Upload the file to your server in the plugins folder.
3. Restart or reload the server.


/cores help - Shows all commands of the plugin.
/cores create (name of the game) - Creates a new game.
/cores setspawn blue - Set the spawn of team blue.
/cores setspawn red - Set the spawn of team red.
/cores setcore (red/blue) (left/right) - Set the left/right core of the team red/blue.
/cores remove (name of the game) - Removes the game.
/cores join (name of the game) - Join the game.
/cores reload - Reloads the configuration files.
/cores leave - Leave the game.
/cores stats (Name of the player) - Show your stats or the stats of a other player.
/stats - Show your stats or the stats of a other player (it only works when you are in a game).
/l - Leave the game.
/hub - Leave the game.
/leave - Leave the game.
/lobby - Leave the game.


cores.admin - Permission to create games, set spawns and cores, ....
cores.reload - Permission to reload the plugin. - Permission to play games (EVERYONE GETS THE PERMISSION AUTOMATICALLY).


You have to write [cores] in the first line and the name of the game in the second line.
Let the other lines empty. Then the sign looks like this:


- German
- English


- More languages

Sorry for my bad english. I'm german.


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