[Tau - SpigotMC] Feature Suggestions #933

  • intelli created this issue May 27, 2019
    [code]/co lookup <user> action:(chat | command | kill) regex:"<My regex filter>"[/code]
    For better filtering for specific chat messages, for the kill filter, it would regex the mobs customname, if none, the mobs name.
    [code]/co lookup <user> time:10h20h[/code]
    Max and Min time (to find specific entries)
    [code]/co lookup action:container item:<specific item> regex:<Regex for custom name/lore>[/code]
    But i think the best possible feature would be just a "next page" and "previous page" button on the
    [code]/co l [/code]
    as well as being able to click coords and it enters the tp command in chat for you, That would be a huge time saver.
  • intelli edited description May 27, 2019

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