The movement of falling blocks created by Worldedit does not get logged #916

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  • anon_adventures created this issue Mar 11, 2019

    To reproduce, make a Worldedit selection in the air, and set it as sand.

    Inspection mode shows it logs me as placing it in the air, but it does not log the result of it dropping(No block data found at sand), even though I have block-movement: true in my config. It does, however, log where it was originally placed.

    When I normally place it in the air, it shows the block(After having fallen) was placed by me.


    I'm using Worldedit version 7.0.0-beta-05, and Coreprotect version 2.16.1.


    No error log is produced, and Coreprotect says integration is enabled for worldedit when I do /co status.

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