Feature Suggestions [Tiippex] #915

  • intelli created this issue Mar 1, 2019

    From: Tiippex


    Right now (2.15.1) I have only a few things I would like ;D
    - /co l a:command="/kick Tiippex" //looking for specified commands
    - logging for placing spawneggs
    - logging for hitting an entitiy //not killing
    - rollback does not rollback itemframes (entities) correctly. e.g. the direction and the items in the frame lose the nbt data
    - something like command wich gets executed when clicking on the coordinates e.g. /tppos x y z...
    - execlude:Tiippex works but I would like to execute more then one player like execlude:Tiippex,Tiippex2,block_break,.....

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