Duplication of items on specific rollbacks. #858

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  • camm0 created this issue Jul 25, 2018

    I've tagged this as a defect and an enhancment as I believe this should be basic funcitonality of a rollback, and i'm unsure whether or not it's deliberatly left out.


    When player1 steals from player2's chest(s), upon rolling back player1's actions yes, the items are returned to the chest(s), but they're also still in player1's inventory (or wherever they stored them the stolen items). This causes duplication of the items and doesn't actually solve the grief.


    Server Version: Latest PaperSpigot for 1.12.2

    CoreProtect Version: 2.14.2


    *I haven't tested this issue in the latest version for the Minecraft 1.13 update (2.15.0). I apologise if this issue has already been mentioned, I skimmed through the list but couldn't see it.



  • camm0 added the tags Defect Enhancment Jul 25, 2018

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