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  • _ForgeUser9474338 created this issue Aug 25, 2013

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a show stopping problem that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced.

    I have a parkour course that is multi-level in height. I have a tall tree that somehow, despite leaf-decay flags in Worldguard, had lost most of its leaves. I used a rollback command thinking to fix the problem and defined a rather small radius to insure that only the top of the tree would be affected. Unfortunately, it appears that while Coreprotect respected the Radius on the X and Y axis it did NOT on the Z axis. Because of this, as I restored the top of the tree everything below was impacted all the way down to the bottom of the world. I then had to start playing with rollback of specific block types to try to work around this apparent bug.

    I'm using the latest versions of Spigot if that has any bearing (it shouldn't) and all of my other plugins are up to date. If this is not a 2.0.8 Core Protect bug, can anyone think of a reason why this might happen? It's making it very difficult for me to use Core Protect which is a plugin I happen to love!

  • _ForgeUser9474338 added the tags New Defect Aug 25, 2013
  • intelli posted a comment Aug 25, 2013

    Intended behavior. However, there is an undocumented way to do what you want.

    To roll back a radius in a 5x5x5 area, you can simply do

    /co rollback u:<user> r:5x5x5

  • _ForgeUser9474338 posted a comment Aug 26, 2013

    I will try that! Thank you.

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