Parameter Handling Improvement #309

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  • _ForgeUser9068630 created this issue Jul 14, 2013

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    I would like to suggest that if you specify an incorrect parameter it gives you an error, as some of my staff are doing rollbacks thinking they specified parameters correctly when they didn't.

    Example: If you made a typo:

    /co lookup usre:notch t:1d r:3

    It would alert you with an "Incorrect parameter: usre! "

    And also maybe when making a rollback/lookup that it gives you feedback as to what parameters you specified,

    so instead of:
    something like this:

    So that way you know your parameters were entered correctly!


  • _ForgeUser9068630 added the tags New Enhancment Jul 14, 2013

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