Rollbacking of mule inventories #303

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  • _ForgeUser10216823 created this issue Jul 3, 2013

    The current build if CoreProtect does not support rollbacking of mule inventories as well as horses upon kill and has been causing some trouble on my server and some other ones. I strongly suggest adding support for this as many CoreProtect powered servers have needed to turn off any obtaining method of the pack mule and horses in some cases. Best regards. / SharpMelon

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  • _ForgeUser9275588 posted a comment Jul 16, 2013

    Update your bukkit. The horse API is not 100% complete, my server is ONE build short of the lastest build and core protect rolls back horses just fine. Expect maybe the types and styles of horses.

    As far as inventories I think he will have to add that functionality in!

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