Water mechanic bug #302

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  • _ForgeUser10216823 created this issue Jul 3, 2013

    The bug involves the new water mechanic that will let the water regenerate even if there is no surface directly under it and that it has four water source blocks surrounding it. I now remove a water block from the surface of a lake and when I do a look up CoreProtect tells me "Player removed #9 (Water)" and then "#Water placed #9 (Water)" like it should. Now the bug takes place when I do a restore of this action. I execute the command "/co restore u:Player t:5m r:10" and now this appears. It is totally logical that CoreProtect removes the water block that the player took but shouldn't it also update the block or the surrounding blocks to refill the spot if all the requirements for the mechanic is filled?

    Version of CoreProtect: 2.0.7

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