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  • _ForgeUser7705798 created this issue May 24, 2013

    I often find myself wishing that CoreProtect had a way to add a range of times to its lookups. I would like to see this for many different reasons, the main one being more simplicity when doing lookups. CoreProtect displays lookup results in descending order, so often you find yourself looking through page after page of results that do not pertain to the time period you were looking for. Not only does that cause lots of unneeded pages, but it also causes the server to take more information than that is needed from the database.

    It would be helpful for rollbacks to also work with ranges. For example, if a player gets hacked, the hacker destroys his vacation home, and the player doesn't return to his vacation home for several weeks when he discovers his home was griefed. An administrator would then have to rollback all blocks placed/broken by that player along with chest transactions since that period of time many weeks ago, then redo the block placing/destroying for that player from the time immediately after that period of time. This causes LOTS of unneeded rolling back and redoing, something that could just easily be fixed by specifying a range of time to rollback.

    The time range parameter would work similarly to the time parameter, with the exception that it has two lengths of time seperated by a "-". For example:

    /co rollback t:3d-2d p:x_clucky r:140

    The order of the range shouldn't be static and you should be able to specify the range backwards as well, this would make the plugin easier to learn and understand. This would look like so:

    /co rollback t:2d-3d p:x_clucky r:140

    Thank you for your consideration, and hopefully this feature will be added in the near future, as I could see this helping many server administrators among many servers.

  • _ForgeUser7705798 added the tags New Enhancment May 24, 2013
  • _ForgeUser7705798 posted a comment Jun 10, 2013

    In addition to this, also support:

    /co rollback t:-2d p:x_clucky r:140

    What this would do is rollback everything by x_clucky in a radius of 140 prior to two days ago.

    Thank you.

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