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  • _ForgeUser7786195 created this issue May 12, 2013

    CoreProtect's biggest advantage is also it's biggest weakness. I think it's great that CoreProtect logs so many things. But when I search there are so many results. I know I can filter it but you often don't know what you're looking for until you see it.  There have been a few situations where I had to page through 200 pages of CoreProtect results, even after using CoreProtect's filter features.

    What I would REALLY like is something similar to Logblock's writelogfile. CoreProtect really needs a way to write history to a file the same way Logblock works. If you need to look through hundreds or thousands of results, as I end up doing with Logblock almost every day, it's a real pain having to /co page 1, /co page 2, /co page 3, /co page 4 ..... Is there any way to get it all written to a file like Logblock? I'm using a commercial server service (Beastnode) so I don't have access to a web interface.

    You also need to be able to save to a file so you can document griefing and have a record of it in case it gets contested with mcBans.

    It would be good if the name of the file had the command and the date and time (to make it unique).  It's important that the world be included.
    The contents would be coordinates in the same format that /tppos uses (spaces between numbers), otherwise the same as what is displayed on the screen.

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