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  • _ForgeUser10651153 created this issue Apr 30, 2013

         I think that if it is possible, I would like to see the ability to configure a maximum time to save database entries, or a maximum file size for database.db. I have had my file size cross into several gigabytes in size, and at that point I usually check to make sure everything is in order and then I delete the database and start over. The problem with this is that it costs me the more recent data which I would actually like to have. Along with this, it would be nice if you could configure a maximum number of entries for a single block. For instance, I have doors that have several thousand pages of data, which is really not useful at that point, but the logging of these interactions is still useful, so I don't want to disable it.
         It's not critical, the plugin is extremely helpful even without this feature, but if you ever get the time and it is possible, perhaps you would consider this suggestion. Thanks.

  • _ForgeUser10651153 added the tags New Enhancment Apr 30, 2013

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