CoreProtect v2.3.0


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    Mar 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R5.0


This version is for CraftBukkit 1.2.5 servers only! Newer versions can be found here:

Upgrading? Please view our guide first:

CoreProtect 2.3.0

  • Fixed it so errors aren't shown on startup if the update server is down.
  • Fixed breaking both sides of a double chest quickly causing discrepancies in the logs.
  • Fixed TNT destroying double chests logging double the amount of items removed.
  • Fixed WorldEdit logging not working if CoreProtect initialized before WorldEdit.
  • Fixed certain SNAPSHOT versions of WorldEdit not being compatible with CoreProtect.
  • Fixed falling sand/gravel (etc) from above a broken block not being logged.
  • Fixed interaction logging so it only works for right clicks.
  • Added interaction logging for repeaters, wooden buttons, anvils, hoppers and droppers.
  • Improved error message if WorldEdit logging is unable to initialize.
  • Further improved performance of event processing.

CoreProtect 2.2.0

  • Fixed errors being thrown if an arrow is shot by a non-entity.
  • Fixed no error message displaying when invalid command entered.
  • Added ability to use aliases for help commands (ex: "/co help l")
  • Added "/co ro", "/co re", "/co rb" and "/co rs" as command shortcuts.
  • Sped up rollbacks/restores, making them run nearly twice as fast.
  • Sped up event processing, for even less time spent in the main server thread.

CoreProtect 2.1.0

  • Fixed errors on startup for systems using non-standard decimal formatting.
  • Fixed "coreprotect.*" permission not giving access to reload command.
  • Fixed bug with rolled back redstone torches (etc) not always putting out power.
  • Fixed bug with rolled back glowstone blocks (etc) not always lighting up surrounding area.
  • Fixed MySQL upgrades so invalid enchantment data is filtered out.
  • Fixed it so the upgrade still continues properly if the config.yml file is missing.
  • Fixed it so if the upgrade fails, database connections are closed so the server doesn't lock up.
  • Fixed it so "apply", "cancel", "undo", and "near" aliases use parent permissions.
  • Changed it so any child permission can be used as a negative permission against "coreprotect.*"
  • Added "" permission, for blocking chat lookups.
  • Added "coreprotect.lookup.command" permission, for blocking command lookups.
  • Added "coreprotect.lookup.session" permission, for blocking session lookups.

CoreProtect 2.0.0

  • Changed it so MySQL databases use a more efficient database structure.
  • Made it so flat file storage is now done via a single SQLite database.
  • Future proof. Can now properly handle non-standard data types.
  • Made it so all logging events now use a consumer, rather than generating new threads.
  • Made it so block names now display on the lookup page.
  • Made it so chests broken in explosions log the items that were in the chest.
  • Cleaned up the interface and implemented a new colour theme.
  • Made it so using the inspector now does a full block lookup.
  • Made it so item transactions now log ALL item data (enchantments, item names, etc)
  • Made it so all skull data, such as skull owners and skull rotation, is logged.
  • Made it so radius lookups no longer require a time parameter (ex: "/co l r:10" for all nearby data).
  • Made it so lookups can now do block-type only searches (ex: "/co l b:56 t:1d")
  • Added a default radius of 10, which is auto added if you don't specify a radius. Changeable in config.yml
  • Added a maximum radius of 100. Use "r:#global" to do a global search. Changeable in config.yml
  • Made it so if you're inside a block that gets rolled back or restored, you get teleported on top of it.
  • Added ability to specify number of results shown on lookup pages by using "/co l <page>:<results>".
  • Added "/co reload" command for reloading configuration. Permissions can be set with "coreprotect.reload" node.
  • Changed "noisy" to "#verbose". Also added a "#silent" option tag for rollback/restores if verbose mode is enabled.
  • Added ability to specify multiple users in a rollback/restore/lookup (ex: "/co l u:Notch,Intelli t:1d")
  • Added ability to exclude users (ex: "/co l r:5 e:Notch"). Can be used in combination with block ID's.
  • Added ability to do global world lookups/rollbacks/restores. (Ex: "/co l u:Notch t:1d r:#nether")
  • Made it so purges now use regular time syntax, but require a minimum time of 30 days unless run via console.
  • Added ability to create per-world config files, that match the world folder name (ex: world_the_end.yml).
  • Added "a:<action>" option for rollback/restores/lookups. See "/co help actions" for info.
  • Added ability to search the last inspected container by using "/co l u:#container <params>".
  • Added ability to rollback/restore the last inspected container (ex: "/co rollback u:#container,Notch t:1d").
  • Added ability to have items taken from containers (etc) rollback by enabling "rollback-items" in config.yml
  • Made it so adding "#count" to the end of a lookup command returns the # of rows found.
  • Added ability to preview rollbacks/restores by adding "#preview" to the end of your command.
  • Added "/co undo" alias as a shortcut to undo a rollback/restore via the opposite action.
  • Added "/co near" alias as a shortcut to do a lookup with a radius of 5.
  • Added chat logging. Search using "/co l u:Notch a:chat" or "/co l a:chat"
  • Added command logging. search using "/co l u:Notch a:command" or "/co l a:command"
  • Added login/logout logging. Search using "/co l u:Notch a:login" (etc).
  • Made it so all new configuration values are by default enabled for less confusion.
  • Added entity kill logging. Search using "/co l u:Notch t:1d a:kill" (etc).
  • Added ability to rollback entity kills (ex: "/co rollback a:kill r:5 t:1d")
  • Added ability to automatically rollback/restore mob deaths by enabling "rollback-entities" in config.yml
  • Added ability to use worldedit selections by using "r:#worldedit" (or just "r:#we").
  • Created a Tekkit version of CoreProtect 2.0
  • Improved the base code and fixed a ton of minor bugs.