CoreProtect v1.63


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    Oct 27, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R2.0


CoreProtect 1.63

  • Fixed NullPointerException errors showing on explosions and entity interactions. Again.

CoreProtect 1.62

  • Fixed NullPointerException errors showing on explosions and entity interactions. (1.61 bug)

CoreProtect 1.61

  • Fixed changes made via WorldEdit brushes not being logged.
  • Made it so rollbacks (etc) are no longer blocked if another one is in progress.
  • Made it so if a rollback or restore is hanging, it automatically stops itself.
  • Made it so non-numeric characters are automatically filtered out for the radius parameter.
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.4 block names.
  • Added support for Wither block change logging.

CoreProtect 1.60

  • Updated the information in the "/co help inspect" command.
  • Added file locking for user cache files.
  • Added pagination for chest logs & player interaction logs.
  • Removed the double-click feature. (Replaced with the feature below)
  • Made it so you can type "/co l" after inspecting a block to view detailed log information.
  • Added the "/co lookup" command for searching through logged data.
  • Added the "/co lookup type <ID>" command, for looking up a blocks name by its ID.
  • Made it so rollbacks/restores now utilize all data, regardless of the saved data state.
  • Fixed piston caching, so repeated piston actions aren't logged.
  • Made it so falling sand that was pushed by a piston is now logged.
  • Set priority to "Monitor" for all main listener events, so data isn't logged if another plugin cancels the event.
  • Made it so duplicate data is filtered out on rollbacks/restores.
  • Added the ability to run commands from the server console.
  • Added the CoreProtect API. Documentation:
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

CoreProtect 1.54

  • Fixed incorrect data values sometimes being logged for blocks placed by players.
  • Fixed "[SEVERE]" errors that would sometimes show when using the inspector.
  • Added the ability to opt-out of the automatic update checker.
  • Removed licensing, and did some basic code cleanup.

CoreProtect 1.53

  • Improved chest logging for Tekkit servers.
  • Fixed it so client mods can no longer interfere with chest logging.
  • Made it so the purge command now also purges logged chest data.

CoreProtect 1.52

  • Added support for missing WorldEdit commands, brush types and added super pickaxe logging.
  • Fixed it so mobs no longer cause errors to trigger when changing blocks in a new unvisited world.
  • Fixed InventoryClickEvent null pointer errors and negative seek offset rollback errors.

CoreProtect 1.51

  • Fixed it so piston logging no longer causes huge CPU spikes. Blocks moved by pistons now log as #piston
  • Made huge speed improvements for doing rollbacks with MySQL. (Closer to file based rollback speeds)
  • Fixed v1.50 inventory errors that were occurring for Tekkit servers.

CoreProtect 1.50

  • Added it so changes made via WorldEdit are now logged.
  • Added item transaction logging. You can now view details about items taken from chests, furnaces, etc.
  • Made it so left-clicking the top of a block shows data for the clicked block as expected.
  • Made it so right-clicking a block with an empty hand or tool shows data as if you placed a block in that location.
  • Fixed it so corrupt data is ignored when doing a rollback or restore.
  • Made it so the help menu now also displays under "/coreprotect".
  • Made it so jungle tree growth is now logged.
  • Made it so broken mob spawners can now be properly rolled back for new data logged.
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.3 block types
  • Made it so you can open/close doors with the inspector enabled.
  • Tons of bug fixes and minor tweaks.

CoreProtect 1.42

  • Fixed it so global rollbacks are once again functional.
  • Made it so "noisy-default" is by default set to "true" for newly generated configuration files.

CoreProtect 1.41

  • Fixed a bug with sign text data logging the first line with a colour code.

CoreProtect 1.40

  • Made it so colour codes on signs are logged properly and signs are rolled back properly with coloured text.
  • Improved speed of rollbacks/restores when rolling back old data.
  • Fixed it so modified servers can't corrupt logged sign text data.
  • Modified it so all error messages print out more information in the console.
  • Fixed it so the plugin no longer crashes the server when sand/gravel fall into the void.
  • Added fix for errors occasionally showing when endermen picked up blocks.
  • Fixed error spam showing when attempting to run commands via the console.
  • Added ability to create a blacklist of users to not log data for.

CoreProtect 1.35

  • Fixed a bug with logging block broken by endermen.

CoreProtect 1.34

  • Fixed it so invalid or corrupted data in rollbacks is ignored.
  • Made it so if someone breaks an air block (using hacks), the data is not logged.
  • Pistons pushing blocks in a loop (redstone circuits) will no longer eat up memory.

CoreProtect 1.33

  • Fixed an issue with caching where it could go into an infinite loop and use 100% of your CPU.
  • Added it so blocks restored during rollbacks are immediately cached.
  • Fixed MySQL injection vulnerability when logging sign text.

CoreProtect 1.32b

  • Minor tweak with cache disposal.

CoreProtect 1.32

  • Changed cache to include data for all blocks, not just liquid flow.
  • Made it so block placement updates the cache immediately.
  • Made it so data pulled during block lookups is cached.
  • Made it so doing block placement lookups always attempts to pull from the cache first.
  • Added a separate cache for piston tracking.
  • Made it so duplicate data for piston tracking is not logged.

CoreProtect 1.31

  • Fixed an error that occurred when dynamically generating additional worlds on the fly.

CoreProtect 1.30

  • Fixed invalid characters on signs corrupting all logged sign data for that chunk.
  • Fixed permissions issue with PEX.
  • Added it so you can't start multiple rollbacks at the same time.
  • Added ability to track blocks moved by pistons.
  • Added ability to show all block log history for a block by double clicking the block. (Must be enabled in the config file)

CoreProtect 1.20

  • Changed it so purges tell you the percent complete, rather than spamming you with data.
  • Added it so the last 30 seconds of trackable block transactions (water/lava block flow) is stored in memory - makes block tracking much more efficient.
  • Added ability to track when entities change/destroy blocks (Endermen, Enderdragons, etc)
  • Added ability to log when a block naturally ignites, such as from fire spreading.
  • Added ability to track block movement, such as sand or gravel falling.
  • Added natural block breakage tracking for explosions.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.

CoreProtect 1.14

  • Added it so existing text on signs is saved when the sign is broken.
  • Made it so blocks aren't logged if the event is cancelled by a plugin.
  • Fixed it so doors breaking off of other blocks properly rollback/restore.
  • Fixed it so signs on top of broken blocks properly rollback/restore.

CoreProtect 1.13b

  • Fixed MySQL syntax for table creation.

CoreProtect 1.13

  • Fixed it so usernames aren't case-sensitive when doing rollbacks/restores.

CoreProtect 1.12

  • Fixed error messages showing for some explosions.
  • Fixed issues with multi-world support.
  • Made "/core purge" output more data during purges.
  • Fixed it so temporary files created when using "/core purge" can't become corrupted.

CoreProtect 1.11

  • Fixed issue with some global rollbacks with a specified radius not completing the full circle.
  • Fixed issue with "/core purge" returning incorrect data.

CoreProtect 1.10

  • Added file locking for file based data storage. It's now impossible for data to go missing when two threads are writing to a file at the same time.
  • Fixed it so liquid tracking works works properly with MySQL.
  • Improved performance of data lookup when doing liquid tracking.
  • Added ability to log portals that generate naturally (such as Nether portals generating in the Nether)
  • Added it so fire ignited with fire charges is logged.
  • Added it so the block name (ex: "dirt") shows when using the inspector, along with the ID.
  • Added it so block names can be used with the rollback/restore commands along with IDs.
  • Added a "/core help" command containing basic command information.
  • Added a "/core purge <months>" command, allowing you to easily remove old block log data and free up space.
  • Added permissions for new commands.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes.