CoreProtect v2.17.0


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    May 10, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14


  • Added support for new 1.14 container types (such as blast furnaces and smokers).
  • Added support for all new entity metadata (such as cat types and panda traits).
  • Added support for logging blocks attached to the bottom of a broken block.
  • Added logging for all new sign types (such as spruce and birch signs).
  • Added logging for text color changes made on signs by using dyes.
  • Added logging for cake blocks being modified by a player eating the cake.
  • Added logging for adding/removing items from the hand of an armor stand.
  • Added intelligent tracking for new block types (such as bamboo and lanterns).
  • Improved code for handling processing of AttributeModifier item data.
  • Changed minimum required Spigot version from Spigot 1.13 to Spigot 1.14.
  • Fixed containers double-logging contents when broken under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed trapdoors incorrectly logging as breaking when adjacent blocks are broken.
  • Fixed torches on the sides of a block not being logged when the block is broken.
  • Fixed removing blocks underneath sand blocks not properly logging the block movement.
  • Fixed breaking the block under a door not properly logging the top half of the door.
  • Fixed villagers not rolling back with correct data (such as the villager profession).
  • Fixed lighting Nether portals not logging the username of the player that lit the portal.
  • Fixed Nether portal logging not working for portals generated by the server.
  • Fixed armor stand logging not accounting for gravity and logging incorrect locations.
  • Fixed armor stand rollbacks not working when the armor stand is on a half block.
  • Fixed "/co status" showing the initial database version as 0.0.0 on new installs.
  • Fixed player interactions incorrectly being logged when cancelled by another plugin.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when logging waterlogged blocks modified via WorldEdit.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when using inspector to view inventory transactions.
  • Fixed EventException: null errors when logging Ocelot and Villager deaths.
  • Fixed UnsupportedOperationException when rolling back Ocelot deaths.