CoreProtect v2.16.1


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    Mar 8, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


  • Added WorldEdit logging status to "/co status" command (shows if enabled/disabled).
  • Added extra data validation to ensure data can't go missing when logging data.
  • Improved handling of users and metadata when processing and logging data.
  • Improved performance of plugin when adding data to be logged.
  • Improved update notice to ensure it's shown to all server operators.
  • Improved error message when unable to connect to MySQL server during startup.
  • Improved tab-complete to not suggest a command if the player doesn't have permission.
  • Changed "coreprotect.default" permission to no longer be a child of "coreprotect.*".
  • Changed "coreprotect.default" permission name to "".
  • Fixed being unable to use the latest WorldEdit 7.0.0 Beta 5 release.
  • Fixed items placed into a chest not being logged if immediately removed by a hopper.
  • Fixed "cannot start a transaction within a transaction" SQLite error.
  • Fixed being unable to log data in CoreProtect on some non-English systems.
  • Fixed PersistenceRequired and CanPickUpLoot tags not being saved on entity deaths.