CoreProtect v2.16.0


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    Mar 1, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


  • Added logging for players/entities breaking turtle eggs by standing on them.
  • Added logging for turtle eggs being laid as well as turtle egg hatching.
  • Added logging for water sources created by breaking an ice block.
  • Added logging for all structure growth data (such as grass changing to podzol).
  • Added logging for player interactions on new button types, such as jungle buttons.
  • Added logging support for WorldEdit v7 Beta 5+. Older versions of WorldEdit are no longer supported.
  • Added logging for new AttributeModifier item data that was added in Spigot 1.13.1.
  • Added progress indicator for data logging status when shutting down server.
  • Added progress alerts for patch scripts when upgrading to a new CoreProtect version.
  • Added notice for when WorldEdit logging has successfully initialized.
  • Added database lock to prevent multiple connections to the same CoreProtect database.
  • Added validator to detect corrupt internal caches, and to automatically reload from database.
  • Added "coreprotect.default" permission, for restricting access to the command handler.
  • Added "coreprotect.status" permission, for restricting access to the "/co status" command.
  • Added in-game notification for server ops when a new CoreProtect version is available.
  • Changed rollbacks to automatically handle corrupt BlockData, rather than aborting rollback.
  • Changed logging to strip out default BlockData information, to save space when logging data.
  • Changed "/co version" command to "/co status", and added consumer information to command.
  • Fixed "EventException" and "IllegalArgumentException" armor stand errors.
  • Fixed left clicking an armor stand incorrectly logging them as breaking
  • Fixed undyed Shulker Boxes not logging inventory transactions.
  • Fixed Shulker box logging issues when using third-party forks of Spigot.
  • Fixed obsidian, cobblestone and concrete generated from water/lava not being logged.
  • Fixed water sources placed adjacent to a "waterlogged" block not being logged.
  • Fixed lava placement on top of non-solid blocks not logging the lava at the correct location.
  • Fixed water placed from a dispenser into a non-solid block logging the block as breaking.
  • Fixed concrete formation incorrectly logging data at y0 (also patches existing data).
  • Fixed new data incorrectly being logged when a 2x2 tree fails to grow.
  • Fixed risk of data corruption when asynchronously adding data to be logged.
  • Fixed risk of data corruption when using "/co reload" while data is being logged.
  • Fixed data logger not properly processing all data when shutting down server.
  • Fixed CoreProtect not supporting the latest WorldEdit snapshot versions.
  • Fixed dispensers not logging all inventory changes when dispensing items.
  • Fixed skull logging storing legacy data instead of new BlockData information.
  • Fixed rolling back a broken nether portal not re-lighting the entire portal.
  • Fixed plugin attempting to spawn entities when no valid EntityType data exists.
  • Fixed being unable to exclude system usernames starting with "#" in commands.
  • Fixed WorldEdit v7.0.0+ logging not storing new BlockData information.
  • Fixed WorldEdit region selection not working with the latest WorldEdit builds.
  • Fixed "/co reload" re-binding to WorldEdit, causing duplicate data to be logged.
  • Fixed block/entity/world names, as well as BlockData info, being logged in user table.