CoreProtect Web Interface

CoreProtect 2 Web Interface

March 25: Beta released for CoreProtect 2

  • Finally updated! The update took such a long time because I have been busy with other projects.
  • The interface has been rewritten, so remove all files from the previous version before installing.


Web interface for Intellii's CoreProtect plugin.

Search through your CoreProtect history with an easy-to-use interface.



See the interface in action: Live Demo

Password: guest


  • Supports MySQL.
  • Search by actions: block place, block break, sign place (sign text), interact, chest use (includes block names and amount stored/taken), chat, command, login/logout.
  • Search by player name, world, time, coordinates, block id/name and date.
  • Sort and filter results.
  • Generates /tp commands to paste into Minecraft (configurable).
  • Automatically fetches the list of worlds on the server.


The web interface requires:

  • MySQL database - flat files are not supported.
  • PHP-enabled web host.
  • MySQLi for PHP. If you don't have this, you will not receive any results or get an error.
  • Sessions enabled for PHP, or else the login function will not work. To check if you have sessions enabled, see here)


Download link here.


  1. Extract contents to a web-accessible directory on your web server.
  2. Edit config-RENAME-ME.php (instructions are included in the file). Rename to config.php when you are done.
  3. Browse (with your web browser) to index.php to start searching.

Configuration - config-rename-me.php

First, rename config-rename-me.php to config.php.

Important settings to configure in config.php are:

  • 'interfacePass' => 'admin',

This is the password to log into the web interface.

  • 'host' => 'localhost',
  • 'port' => 3306,
  • 'user' => 'root',
  • 'pass' => '',
  • 'database' => 'minecraft',
  • 'tablePrefix' => 'co_',

MySQL info - should be the same as in your CoreProtect's config.yml.

Configuration - themes.json

You can edit themes in themes.json. Simply change the hex codes to any color you want. Make sure you include the # before each hex code.

Configuration - /js/main.js

At the top of main.js, you can edit the command that pops up when you click on a result.

Configuration - blocks.txt

I will update the blocks list for each release, so you generally don't need to edit it.

If you have custom blocks, you can add them to blocks.txt. Follow the format of the other entries (id#,name), and make sure there are no empty lines or leading/trailing spaces.

Comments, Questions, Complaints

Post a comment or submit a ticket, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


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