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CopsAndRobbersPlus is a new version of a popular game played that involves the Cops, and the Robbers. The goal of the game is simple, if you are a cop, catch the robbers and stop them from escaping, if you are a robber you must avoid the cops and escape.


This plugin was designed, created, and inspired by: Cops'n'Robbers plugin

Please be aware that this plugin is still in early development, more features and customizability will be coming soon! If you want to request a feature do so by opening a ticket. To report a bug, issue, or other related problems, open a ticket!! Issues reported in the comments will be ignored!


New features highlighted and underlined in Green.

Current version: 1.0.2 for Bukkit and Spigot 1.8.x


Current version: 1.0.2 for Bukkit and Spigot 1.9.x


Current version: 1.0.2 for Bukkit and Spigot 1.10.x

Promo and How-To Video

Videos coming soon


  • Fully automated! After setting up an arena and enabling it, the plugin handles the rest!
  • Automatic arena regeneration (limited to closing doors/trapdoors/fence gates right now).
  • Multiple arena support! All arenas are handled with a Number ID to ensure proper arena handling.
  • Each arena has their own settings! Have small arenas for few players, or large arenas for many players!
  • Kits!
    • Kits support custom item names and enchants!
  • Late joining. Join an arena even after the game has started (can be set for each arena).
  • Simple setup, quick and easy to understand!
  • Arenas will safely unload on a server shutdown and will safely load and regenerate on server startup.
    • Now also resets and ends the game properly and safely upon arena reload, disable, and enable.
  • Ability to make chat per game (Don't spam all the players with an arena's chat).
    • Ability to hook into PerWorldChatPlus for added functions.
  • Command blocking while in a minigame, no need to worry about players teleporting away!
  • Requires nearly no ram or cpu usage keeping your server lag free and guaranteeing a fun minigame!
  • Automatic update checker to notify you when a new update is out!
  • Many more great features!

Planned Features

  • /cops command (or something similar) so that when a cop quits the minigame, you can become one rather than randomly.
  • Scoreboards for win/lose history
    • Database (MySQL) support for such info (if you have no database, will just be stored in a folder and files in plugins folder).
  • Inventory GUI Selector (Good for big or small servers, better than just commands or signs).
    • Prevent different things during the game so no cheating can occur (even if you forgot to block some of those commands).
    • Prevent all player teleports when in game and prevent spectators from teleporting to players not in game.
  • Prevent gamemode changes.
  • Improvements to speed and efficiency for arena regeneration.
  • More features to come!
  • Want a feature but don't see it?
    • Suggest it in the comments!!!


  • No known bugs at all!!!!! Yay!!
  • If you find any bugs please put them in the tickets system for this plugin!!!
    • Bugs/Issues reported in the comments will be ignored/deleted!!

Update Checker

This plugin has an automatic update checking feature.

This means that on server start, or when a player with the permission "CARP.notify.update" joins the server, it will check for updates.
This means that it will send a message to dev bukkit, to this page and request the newest file version. If it finds a newer version than the one you have installed, it will notify you with a message.
This does NOT download or install the new version.
It is suggested you keep this enabled to stay notified when new versions come out, so that you have the newest and most functional CopsAndRobbersPlus version.
To turn this off, go to the config.yml (Found in /server-directory/plugins/CopsAndRobbersPlus/config.yml) and change "Check for Updates" from "True" to "False"

Additional Information

  • Need help?? Want to request a new feature? Want to contact me quickly? Something else? Join my discord server now!
  • Tested and working on CloudCraft. Ip:
  • This plugin is compatible and has various options for PerWorldChatPlus
  • Looking for translators!
    • If interested please pm me!!
  • If you find any bugs please put them in the tickets system for this plugin.

Having Issues?

Having trouble setting up the plugin? Check the Installation & Configuration or Tutorials for help. Or contact me via PM.
Found a bug and need to report it? Open a ticket! It's easy! It's also much better for me the developer as this allows for more information and order. Plus it allows keeping track of many things.
Don't post your issues in the comments! This makes it messy and spammy. Thank you!!

Official Server

CloudCraft Server Banner

Cloudcraft is the official server running this plugin and is my test server for any other plugins I develop as well as it is a 24/7 server for minigames
survival creative and more!
This server is owned by me, shades161.


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