Some admins were goofing around with each other's nicknames on a server I play when the idea for a plugin that makes everyone's name "Bro" came up. I decided to make it, although I improved on the original idea. When someone joins a server running this plugin with "bro mode" enabled (it's toggle-able in-game via command), their display name will be set to one of 200 "bro names" which I got from this list on GQ. If you don't like those names, you can add, remove, and change the bro names list in the config file.


  • Gives everyone a bro name
  • Commands to toggle "bro mode" or reset a bro name
  • Supports SuperPerms, Permissions 2/3, and everything that can mimic either of those (i.e. PermissionsEx, bPermissions, etc.)
  • Supports Help 3 (no longer relevant)
  • Compatible with many other plugins (see this page)
  • Backwards compatible - should work with most old Craftbukkit RBs
  • Has an API (Javadocs here)
  • Hidden easter egg in the console on startup

Using this plugin
Now, if you don't have any other chat plugins, chat will look something like this:


<Stephen Brolbert> sup bro
<Edgar Allen Bro> not much bro
<Sherlock Brolmes> cool story bros

However, this plugin works in such a way that you can fully customize its effect using a chat management plugin (iChat, mChat, etc) if you so please (it is a bit hard to tell who's who without one). See this page for information on how to use CoolStoryBro with all sorts of other plugins.

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