CoolProtection v1.2.5


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    Jul 19, 2022
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.19.1
  • 1.19
  • 1.18.2


  • Improved version checker (doesn't block server anymore)
  • Fixed compatibility with Bukkit and Spigot
  • Verified support for 1.19
  • Plugin rule and engine core changed, now MaxChunk defaults value to 70 (same as server defaults for Mobs @ bukkit.yml) but you can set from [50-200]
  • Fixed maxchunk World setup not storing given value
  • Improved Living entitie balance using server core combined with plugin balance:
    • results in much more adequated cpu load (if given value is correct for your hardware)
    • will only trigger plugin protections if TPS drops or there are other entity types in large numbers
    • (in future might auto set maxchunk if the user given value is not adequated. Will wait for your feedback on this)
  • Changed some plugin outputs, passed now to log or removed
  • Added non living spawn entities control (protects against items drops when under heavy loads) with tolerance greater than maxchunk
  • Added non living Entity place control (protects against some other known server attacks) with tolerance greater than maxchunk
  • Improved lagmeter visualization:
    • More system values visible and better organization (NBL - Nearby Living Entities, NBE - Nearby Entities, CHK - Chunk entities, CHKTiles)
    • Alerts will clear after 5 seconds (if no other alerts are generated)
  • Given more tolerance for parkour mode, was been confused with hack.
  • Tunned TPS alert to lower value <18 and optimized plugin cpu usage on these situations for faster recovery