CoolProtection v0.6


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    Jan 24, 2022
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.18.1
  • 1.18
  • 1.17
  • 1.16


WARNING: Due to the nature of TPS calc, this version will only run on Paper servers, on the other server types this fine calculation is not possible for what I have seen.

Solution for bukkit hasn't been found yet, so I accept recommendations.

Java 11+ is required! 

  • Includes version checker (compares with page for latest version)
  • Explosion protection can now be fine tuned per Y , so it is now set to default -20Y and you can still play with it in caves :)
  • Balancing for medium size servers (not static anymore) and works mainly by preventing new mob spawns
    • to activate keep config maxChunkEntities > 0, recommended 30 and will work as reference for mobs per chunk (with this value you can have decent mob farms);
    • for more powerfull servers the maxChunkEntities can be increased if needed;
    • TPS based self balancing;
    • logs current adjustments, so if you notice a lag in server you should have a reaction described in log;
    • smooth TPS recovery when server starts soft hanging;
    • for extreme low TPSs, it applies extra controls for fast recovery (should recover in few seconds);
  • Controls elytra speed, to reduce chunk generation/load (recommended at 1.2);
  • Includes self shutdown, if you have a Windows home server and you want it to turn off after midnight
    • values accepted for autoShutdownTime are from 0 to 7 (in hours);
    • autoShutdown must be set to true (off by default);
    • autoShutDownCounterTime counts how many minutes the server must have 0 players to turn off;
    • shows countdown in server list.

New measures can be added if good recommendations are received, so send your feedback!