• Base of the code started. Database classes are written up and should be extremely secure. Plugin is reload safe (not that you should EVER reload), plenty of debug information. Current total line count: 213
  • Arena code started, including ArenaManager, Arena Objects for easy manipulation, ArenaType (currently Knockout, KOTH and RTD) started. Customisable slap weapons per arena. Customisable time limited per arena. Current total line count: 391
  • Changed Arena code to be expanded to separate Arenas and Maps. Fleshing out code to save and load maps and arenas to a file for persistence between reloads. Current total line count: 601
  • Stripped out ArenaManager code. New idea to be implemented soon. CookiePlayer class (extension of Player) for extra use. Started custom events for use as an API (you're welcome, developers). Started planning out Async database management for improved performance. Current total line count: 1096
  • Rewrote Arena and Map code, now it's serialiazable (new idea implemented). Renamed ArenaManager to CookieManager and updated code there too. Added a few more custom events, still none are called just yet. Started on commands. Current total line count: 1806

To-Do / In Progress

[T] means To-Do

[P] means In Progress

  • [T] Prettify config.yml - Add all of the configurable options first!
  • [T] Make secure and non-intensive database code - PreparedStatements, baby!
  • [T] Redo ArenaManagement using uneditable files so you can't break anything
  • [T] Throw custom events ready for listening
  • [P] Completely implement CookiePlayer
  • [P] Add more custom events for more interaction