This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


CookieSlap! From the makers of the server finally comes the public plugin where you can now enjoy CookieSlaping from the comfort of your own server!



Hi there. Just a friendly note to say that development of this plugin is well under way. I know how frustrated you all are, especially now that comments are disabled, but I just wanted to point you to the Changelog page. I am regularly updating it with the updates I do to code, and it gives you an idea as to what you can expect, server admins and developers alike. Comments are also disabled on that page, purely because we don't want to be spammed with impatient comments. Feedback is always welcome, but I won't tell you how to go about leaving it. If you figure it out, go ahead, but bare in mind that spam is intolerable and will be ignored/dealt with.


There is no download yet, we are still working on the code and the project, just wanted to let people know this is planned.

Update 6/5/2013 - Arena and Map settings have been finished, we will be making it play nicely with Multi-world setups next. We have also begun setting up a section on our forums to keep a giant list/database of public maps for download. Comments on this page have been removed due to the fact of the spam and lack of reading anyone was doing before posting


  • Given a Cookie with Knockback 25
  • Scoring when you knock other players off of the map!
  • Comes with 10 pre-made map schematics from the official server!
  • Configurable round length, player counts and more!
  • Use commands to enter and leave arenas!


  • Customize everything!
  • MySQL support


  • '/cookieslap' - Head command of tree
  • '/cookieslap join' - Join an open arena
  • '/cookieslap leave' - Leave your arena
  • '/cookieslap join <num>' - Join an arena by number


  • cookieslap.arenas.create - Allowed to make arenas
  • cookieslap.arenas.join
  • cookieslap.arenas.join.<number> - give (or take) permissions to join arenas by number
  • cookieslap.reload
  • - save the spawns of new maps



Comments about any of the following will be ignored:

  • Becoming a tester for the plugin
  • Where you can download the plugin from
  • Where the source code is
  • Where you can download the plugin from
  • Becoming a developer for the plugin
  • Where you can download the plugin from

We do not need testers. We do not need developers. (Developers are chosen by taco and taco alone. If he thinks you are worthy enough, he will recruit you.) We do not need people that cannot read an informational page as to why there is no download yet. Patience is a virtue.


Download in the top right

Source Code (Coming soon)

See the full change-log here!


  • Suggest things!
  • See Tickets~

Live Help

Need live help? Join my IRC Channel to talk to us live! (#cookiechat on

Follow @CookieSlap on Twitter for updates!


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